T. Rashba

Dear Jose!

My very best wishes and the warmest congratulations with your
birthday, be healthy and happy!

It is a pity, that I cannot join the FestiValle, but I hope to visit
some day Valencia and to see you!

I am very happy that I have met you and I have worked with you!

Very best wishes and congratulations from Natalia!

And our the warmest greetings to Isabel!

Un cordial saludo,


M. Malinsky

Dear all,

I'm sorry I could not make it so let me join the party at least virtually and wish Jose all the best for his birthday (as well as for the 400th paper and h=75 - what a great coincidence, Jose!)



S. Kumar Agarwalla

Dear Professor Jose W.F. Valle,

I would like to send you my heartiest congratulations on your birthday. I really enjoyed the
physics discussions that we used to have in the metro and in your office. I am very thankful to you for your useful suggestions and encouragement. We discussed few problems before I left Valencia and I hope that I will be able to find time to work
on them in near future. Please visit us in Bhubaneswar whenever you have some plans
to come to India.

With best regards,

J. Azcarraga

Querido Jose:
Parece que era ayer cuando llegaste a Valencia y yo me preguntaba que significaria la W de tu nombre de pila.
Y, de pronto, resulta que ya has cumplido 60 años y, como dice el tango de Gardel, 'las nieves del tiempo platearon tu sien. Es un soplo la vida, pero sesenta años no son nada'.... y queda mucha ciencia por hacer.

Un abrazo y muchos exitos futuros,

S. Das

Dear Prof. Valle,

Congratulations on yours 60th Birthday!! I had worked-out his papers (with other particle Physicist, e.g., Prof. Romao, Prof. Hirsch and many others ) in Bi-linear R-parity violation in my 1st year Ph.D. I understood that he is one of the authority in this field. So when I got a pdf offer from here I was very excited and of-course fortunate enough to work with him and his collaborators! I was very afraid on the very first day when we’re supposed to discuss! Later, I found he is so interesting and friendly person. However, I feel that I haven’t exploited much with Prof. Valle! I was reading the messages posted in the web. I agree with DP’s comments:
“Their presence in the game made it that much more worth playing." I’m sure off that his contributions in Physics will be keep on flourishing for many more years to come!!

Thank you so much!!
With best regards,


J. Salt

Hola Jose,

FELICIDADES por tu cincuenta y diez aniversario !!.
Enhorabuena por tu carrera científica y que sigas abriendo camino en la Física.

Un abrazo,
Pepe Salt

K. Patel

Dear Jose,

I just come to know from Eduardo about your 60th birthday. Please accept my many many congratulations and best wishes on this occasion.

I will always be grateful to you for the opportunities you have given me to collaborate with you. I hope to have similar opportunities in future also.

Best wishes to you and family,