G. Zoupanos

My Dear Friend Jose,

My best wishes! for your birthday. I am at CERN and Ignatios told me about your birthday. I wish you the best for your future life, personal and scientific, as you dream it!

Looking forward meeting you soon again,
All the best,

N. Yahlali

Dear José,
It is a pleasure for me to wish you a happy birthday. Sixty years already, this is a very special day. But indeed, you look 20 years younger and have still the energy of a teenager! I have to say that your enthusiasm and passion for Science are contagious and one has to be thankful to you for this. I wish you to continue healthily your brilliant carrier for many other decades.
Nadia Yahlali

O. Eboli

Salve José,

Como está a vida? espero que tudo esteja bem com você por aí. Queria desejar-lhe tudo de bom na passagem de mais uma primavera. Que os próximos 60 anos sejam tão produtivos e cheios de sucesso como os primeiros 60.

Desculpe-me se não estarei aí pessoalmente para lhe dar um abraço e participar da mais que justa celebração. Infelizmente este semestre foi de longe um dos mais confusos e cansativos em muitos anos. Minha capacidade de organização foi a zero. No comments... Espero poder visitá-lo em breve para celebrarmos esta data.

um abraço, Oscar

T. Schwetz

Dear Jose,

I would like to send you my warmest congratulations for your birthday! The year I spent in Valencia during my PhD was very important for me scientifically and certainly it was a crucial point in my career which probably would have developed very different without you. I would like to take this occasion to thank you for this. Furthermore, I very much enjoyed my stay in Valencia and all the subsequent visits due to our collaborations also on a personal level, mediterranian life and food, flamenco and latin music...!

Thanks so much, Jose - Felicidades!!!


Evgeny Akhmedov

Dear Jose,

Happy Birthday! I wish you to keep your youthful energy, curiousity and drive to study deep secrets of Nature for many years to come! Don't be scared by turning 60, I went through it, it is not painful!

Yours, Jenia

Alexander (Sasha) Dolgov

Dear Friends,

Unfortunately I cannot attend FestValle dedicated to my close friend and collaborator Jose. At exactly the same time I need to be at the conference in Novosibirsk, where I am a chair of the Organizing Committee. Please deliver to Jose my best wishes, which include wish for good health, continuing his brilliant scientific activity, and happiness.

I enclose a picture (rather funny), for which I would suggest the title:
"Friendly scientific discussion"

With my strong wishes for successful meeting. A pity that I cannot attend.

Alexander (Sasha) Dolgov


Satoru Utsunomiya

Dear Prof. Jose Valle,

Congratulations on your great success in researching astro-particle and high-energy physics and also in organizing such a amazing research group named AHEP. I apologize for not visiting to Valencia to celebrate, but here is my message and recent photo from Japan.
During my stay in Valencia (2006-2008), I was really impressed by your passion and honesty on physics, and I could develop my capacity for physics very much. Even though I had changed my field to medical physics and now I'm working at a hospital and medical school, the experience at AHEP is till in my mind and it is applicable to my current work. My wife (Hiroko), daughter (Shiho) and son (Osamu) are all fine. Shiho was actually born in Valencia so she is native "Valenciana" forever.
I'm pretty sure you will continue your success, but please don't forget to take care of yourself.
Satoru Utsunomiya, PhD
Department of Radiology,
Division of Radiation Oncology Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences,
Niigata University, Japan ------