Joe Schechter

I am very happy to contribute to the celebration of Jose’s work and career in the field of Theoretical Neutrino Physics. In addition to writing many excellent papers on the subject he has built from scratch one of the largest groups in the world (containing students and visitors as well as permanent researchers) dedicated to this branch of physics. As a public service, the Valencia group also produces an important annual summary and analysis of the latest experimental results on the neutrino masses and mixing parameters.
To avoid overlapping others, I will just briefly discuss some work Jose and I did together at Syracuse, New York. By 1979, the charged lepton, tau was well established and people were thinking about its presumed neutrino partner. Jose and I discussed with Ted Kalogeropoulos, an experimentalist at Syracuse, the possibility of getting some experimental information on it. Ted pointed out it was conceivable to experimentally bound the existence or non-existence of a pi zero decaying into a (massive) tau neutrino and an anti tau neutrino. That is easily calculated in the standard weak interaction model and we wrote a paper on it [T. Kalogeropoulos et al,Phys Lett 86B, 72 (1979)]. This got us started thinking more seriously about neutrinos; it was fun, working together, to learn about the subject. We summarized what we had learned in a paper called “Neutrino masses in SU(2)xU(1) theories” [PRD 22, 2227 (1980)]. Then we used the results to study other aspects of the subject: “Neutrino oscillation thought experiment” [PRD 23, 1666(1981)],“Majorana neutrinos and magnetic fields” [PRD 24,1883(1981), “Neutrino decay and spontaneous violation of lepton number”[PRD 25, 774(1982)] and “Neutrinoless double beta decay in SU(2) x U(1) theories” [PRD, 2591 (1982)].
It seems appropriate to congratulate Jose and wish him (and the entire group) Happy Neutrinoing in the future.

Joe Schechter
June 19 2013

Urbano Franca

Oi Valle

Em primeiro lugar, meus parabéns e muitas felicidades! É um pouquinho mais que a idade de Cristo, mas está perto ainda hehe Desejo à você (e ao AHEP, que é sua criação) muitíssimos anos de vida e alegrias. Como eu disse pra você em algum momento, acho que todos os que tiveram a oportunidade de ser parte dessa grande família que é o AHEP compartem essa admiração e apreço pelo grupo que você criou contra todas as adversidades. Tenho um respeito e carinho profundo por você como cientista, (ex-)chefe e, principalmente, como pessoa, e me alegro em poder dizer que sou um desses sortudos que são parte do seu círculo de amigos. Sinto muito não poder estar aí hoje, mas tenho certeza que você vai ter um grande dia cercado de pessoas queridas e colhendo as coisas boas que você plantou ao longo dos anos. E já sabe, aqui estamos todos para "echarte una manita" quando você precise!

Um abraço enorme,

Victor Semikoz and Alexander Rez

Dear Jose,

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the occasion of your 60th birthday.
We wish you and Izabel permanently good health, wisdom and strength.

You always remain young even with a beard as we have recently seen in the Net!

For everyone in the particle physics community you are not only an outstanding physicist
but also a remarkable person! A feature not very often met with.

We cannot even enumerate a great number of your pupils (your children, as you say)
who are now well-known physicists.

All Russian visitors highly appreciated your (and your colleagues’) hospitality during
our numerous long-term and not very long visits, which started (for Victor) with the
Valencia University in 1993, then to IFIC (Victor Semikoz, Timur Rashba, Alexander Rez,
all from IZMIRAN, Dmitry Sokoloff from MSU) and lasted for a dozen years.
Leo Leinson (IZMIRAN), who collaborated with Armando Perez, has also tried to strengthen
our relations with Valencia University.

We hope to continue our collaboration in spite of economic problems
in EU and Russia.

Once again, please accept our congratulations.

Many happy returns of the day!

At least for another sixty years.

Victor and Alexander

Luis Ibañez

Dear organisers,

I just wanted to send my best wishes to my friend Jose Valle
in the occasion of his fest. Jose and I met a long time ago, when he
was a postdoc at Rutherford Lab and I had just left Oxford. Since then
we have shared many avatars. Jose is a prominent physicist and
a world expert on Neutrino Physics. I am sure he will continue
producing first class physics for many years to come!

With best regards,

Luis Ibañez

J.D. Vergados

Dear Friends,

I would have liked to participate in the Festi-Valle, but the financial
situation in Greece does not allow me the luxury of getting a travel grant.
Please, extend my congratulations to Jose and wish him the best to continue
making important contributions in physics.

With regards,

J.D. Vergados

Anjan S. Joshipura.

I met Jose in 1992. Before that I had known him as “Professor Valle through his numerous works which I had read with interest and admiration.Two months together at CERN in 92 started our friendship and long lasting collaboration which I have cherished all along. Subsequently, I visited Valencia on several occasions and was impressed to see his untiring efforts in bringing high energy physicists-old and young alike-together. He has shown the world how an active group can be built and sustained for such a long time. He is certainly the source of inspiration for many. I am happy to send my very best wishes to Jose on this occasion of his birthday and wish that he continues contributing to physics as he has always done.

Anjan S. Joshipura.

Fernando de Campos and Mauricio Magro

Hola, Profesor!
Hace tanto tiempo que nos conocemos, que recordar tantas historias que hemos vivido es mas bien un privilegio. Privilegio por haber tenido la oportunidad de trabajar bajo tu orientación. Aprender como la física es dinámica y apasionante, aprender que la velocidad es, mucha veces, lo que nos queda como garantía de trabajo, aprender que la sinceridad y la objetividad existen en colaboración con la pasión por la ciencia. Que apreciar el arte también es una forma de aprender sobre la ciencia, y por que no decir, sobre la vida.
Podríamos decir muchas cosas, pero, ahora mismo, lo que mas nos gustaría era poder estar con todos los que han venido, para saludarte, para decirte: Gracias por todo! Gracias por mantener la vitalidad y la alegría. Gracias por nos enseñar que son múltiples las dimensiones de la vida, y que la vida pasa, rápido. Y lo mejor de todo es que pronto nos encontraremos para hablar de la vida, del mundo, y también para hablar de física, y de esa forma participar de la gran aventura, con tantos privilegios, como ese, el de poder convivir contigo.
Hasta pronto!
Fernando de Campos & Mauricio Magro.

Eduard Masso

Muchas felicidades Jose en tu 60 aniversario. Enhorabuena por tu carrera cientifica extraordinaria,
y por las muchisimas colaboraciones que has impulsado con tantos fisicos de otros paises.
Unas decadas pasadas que dejan huella, y unas decadas futuras que seguro que la ampliaran.

Me habria gustado asistir al FestiValle y brindar por todo esto con agua de Valencia, pero desgraciadamente no he podido.

Felicidades Jose !!!



Eduard Masso

D. P. Roy

Message on Jose’s Sixtieth Birthday

In my college English course we had a poem on friendship that went something like this.

Fame is a food that dead men eat.

I have no stomach for such meat.

But friendship is a nobler thing.

Of friendship it is good to sing.

For truly when a man shall end.

He lives in memory of his friend.

Of course it made little impact then, because you take friendship for granted at that age. But when you cross the frosty height of seventy, you realize that the greatest treasure you have gathered over your lifetime is the friendship of people you really value for their rare human qualities. Jose Valle along with Roger Phillips, Dick Roberts and Paul Hoyer are a few of such gems, whom I was fortunate enough to befriend. Their presence in the game made it that much more worth playing. Being away from the arena on such an event, let me just shout from afar:

Jose; three score is no score.

We want two more.

My very best wishes for a happy and long life ahead for both of you.--DP