D. P. Roy

Message on Jose’s Sixtieth Birthday

In my college English course we had a poem on friendship that went something like this.

Fame is a food that dead men eat.

I have no stomach for such meat.

But friendship is a nobler thing.

Of friendship it is good to sing.

For truly when a man shall end.

He lives in memory of his friend.

Of course it made little impact then, because you take friendship for granted at that age. But when you cross the frosty height of seventy, you realize that the greatest treasure you have gathered over your lifetime is the friendship of people you really value for their rare human qualities. Jose Valle along with Roger Phillips, Dick Roberts and Paul Hoyer are a few of such gems, whom I was fortunate enough to befriend. Their presence in the game made it that much more worth playing. Being away from the arena on such an event, let me just shout from afar:

Jose; three score is no score.

We want two more.

My very best wishes for a happy and long life ahead for both of you.--DP