Victor Semikoz and Alexander Rez

Dear Jose,

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the occasion of your 60th birthday.
We wish you and Izabel permanently good health, wisdom and strength.

You always remain young even with a beard as we have recently seen in the Net!

For everyone in the particle physics community you are not only an outstanding physicist
but also a remarkable person! A feature not very often met with.

We cannot even enumerate a great number of your pupils (your children, as you say)
who are now well-known physicists.

All Russian visitors highly appreciated your (and your colleagues’) hospitality during
our numerous long-term and not very long visits, which started (for Victor) with the
Valencia University in 1993, then to IFIC (Victor Semikoz, Timur Rashba, Alexander Rez,
all from IZMIRAN, Dmitry Sokoloff from MSU) and lasted for a dozen years.
Leo Leinson (IZMIRAN), who collaborated with Armando Perez, has also tried to strengthen
our relations with Valencia University.

We hope to continue our collaboration in spite of economic problems
in EU and Russia.

Once again, please accept our congratulations.

Many happy returns of the day!

At least for another sixty years.

Victor and Alexander