S. Das

Dear Prof. Valle,

Congratulations on yours 60th Birthday!! I had worked-out his papers (with other particle Physicist, e.g., Prof. Romao, Prof. Hirsch and many others ) in Bi-linear R-parity violation in my 1st year Ph.D. I understood that he is one of the authority in this field. So when I got a pdf offer from here I was very excited and of-course fortunate enough to work with him and his collaborators! I was very afraid on the very first day when we’re supposed to discuss! Later, I found he is so interesting and friendly person. However, I feel that I haven’t exploited much with Prof. Valle! I was reading the messages posted in the web. I agree with DP’s comments:
“Their presence in the game made it that much more worth playing." I’m sure off that his contributions in Physics will be keep on flourishing for many more years to come!!

Thank you so much!!
With best regards,